2020 - 2021 INAUGURAL YEAR

Outline of Activities and Events: 

Note, all scheduled weeks listed are still being finalized. In addition all sessions listed below will be conducted virtually due to COVID-19. 


Mentor Training: Saturday, September 12, 2020 

Essential training for all mentors that will address both program specific training and overview as well as anti-racism and implicit bias training. 

Kickoff Introduction Panels:

College/University: September 26, 2020 @ 4:30 pm

Middle School/High School: October 9, 2020 @ 3:30 pm

This will be each Student Participant’s introduction of Equity Through Design Mentorship. A panel of Primary and Guest Mentors will virtually discuss their professional experience concluding with a Q&A from the students about the program. 


Student Participant Applications Due: October 14, 2020 

Creative Panel Series: November 2020 – April 2021 

Additional moderated conversations with Primary and Guest Mentors discussing their creative process to increase exposure to the entertainment industry. 


Production Team Panels: 2 panels A panel discussion of creatives that collaborated on a specific production. Ideally, a production that has aired so that video may be provided and any combinations of the Production Designer, Costume Designer, Art Director, Set Decorator, Lighting Designer and if available Director, Cinematographer and Gaffer may speak from concept to execution. 


Department Craft Panels: 2 panels A panel discussion of creatives that all share a common position (i.e. Production Designers or Costume Designers or Art Directors, etc.) or operate within a specific department (Graphics / Set Design or Costume / Wardrobe, Lighting, etc.). Each panelist would provide examples of creative work that informs their specific emphasis of the project (renderings, sketches, fabric swatches, drafting, mood boards).


Primary Mentor / Student Participant Recommended Activities:

Nov 2020 – May 2021 

In addition to the creative panel series Primary Mentors will be available to communicate with their assigned Student Participant throughout the length of the program for brief general guidance (i.e. portfolio and career opportunity questions). 


Regular Correspondence: touching base begins in November Primary Mentors advise Student Participants through regular contact about their progress to engage with their education and design skill set development. Estimated Bi-Weekly. 


Shadow Site Visits: one-on-one, TBD Per COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines Student Participants visit a production in progress, exploring the art department, costume shop, and sound stages to meet and hear from as many crew in their work environments as possible. The frequency and amount of permitted Student Participants will be dependent upon each production studio. 


Pop-Up Practical: team building in Spring 2021 A collaborative, design based exercise that would focus on the process of working as a creative team. Likely to be partnered with the aforementioned Creative Panel Series. 


The Second Saturday Panel Series:

November 14 at 4:30 pm:

READ MY MIND: The Story of Collaboration, with Paul Tazewell, "Hamilton" Costume Designer


December 12, 4:30pm:

YOU MEAN I GET PAID FOT THIS? Career Options in the Entertainment Business


January 9, 4:30 pm:

HOW DID I GET HERE? My Journey in the Entertainment Business


January 23, 4:30pm:

I NEED BETTER LIGHT: Lighting Design for the Theatre


February 13, 4:30 pm:

LIVING LIGHT: Projection Design for Theatre and Film


February 27, 4:30 pm:

JUST MAKE IT FABULOUS! Production Design in the Entertainment Business


March 6, 4:30 pm:

ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS: Graphic Design in the Entertainment Business


March 20, 4:30 pm:

DO I REALLY WANT TO BE A DESIGNER? Art Direction in the Entertainment Business


April 10, 4:30pm:

LET’S FACE IT: Pin Curl to Pompadour, Hair and Makeup, with Celebrity Makeup Artist, Sam Fine & Celebrity Hair Stylist, Oscar James

April 24, 4:30 pm:



May 8, 4:30 pm:

COLOR MY WORLD: The Call of the Scenic Artist


Student Participant Exchange: Spring 2021

High School Student Participants will be able to shadow College Student Participants, exploring not only a campus setting, design classes, but also their potential shared experiences. 


End of the Year Celebration: Week of May 3, 2021 

Celebratory gathering of all Student Participants and Primary Mentors to showcase accomplishments and present scholarship and internship awards.