2022-2023 Saturday Sessions Schedule

All Panels Begin at 5:00 pm


January 14th, 2023

Guest Panel #1, 60-90 minutes:

About Our Union, USA829.  

How does one apply, how does it operate?



February 18, 2023

Guest Panel #2, 60-90 minutes

For Our High School Audience.

We will present ideas for college programs, apprenticeships that focus on training to become a designer, scenic, props, etc. in the entertainment business. What programs are out there, costs, skills needed and portfolio needed. 



April 15, 2023

Guest Panel #3, 60-90 minutes

What Is A Costume Shop?

What costume professionals work in a costume shop.

We follow a garment design from inception to completion.



May 20, 2023

Guest Panel #4, 60-90 minutes

Copyright & Research.

How do we do research and what to learn about use of imagery, others ideas that could be copyrighted?